February 2006 Presentations

Speaker: Russ Lowenthal (Oracle Corporation)

Description Oracle Identity and Access Management

Description Oracle and Microsoft Windows

December 2005 Presentations

Speaker: Tom Kyte (Oracle Corporation)

Who could better present new 10g (r1 and r2) technology – ASK Tom?

Description 10G – New Features Presentation (Only)

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Timbr Organics Vape Tanks

Description 10G – New Features Presentation (Plus scripts and Code Snippets)

August 2005 Presentations
Speaker: Kurt Vogel (Oracle Corporation)
Description 10G – Flashback Technology
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Speaker: Tom Ozimec (A.G. Edwards)
Description 10G – Flash Recovery & RMAN Backups
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June 2005 Presentations
Speaker: Russ Lowen (Oracle Corporation)
Description Identity Management
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May 2005 (Training Day)
Speaker: Bradley D. Brown (TUSC)
Description Introduction to HTML DB by Bradley D. Brown (TUSC)
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Description Maximizing Your Career and Your Life by Bradley
D. Brown (TUSC)
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Description Oracle Web Services by Bradley D. Brown (TUSC)
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Description Using CBO by Steve Bryan (Boeing)
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Description Overview 10g Grid Control by Hossein Jafari (Boeing)
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Description Statspack Overview by Kyu-Mok Stricklin (Boeing)
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Description Perl for the DBA by Jennifer Goodman (Boeing)
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Description Using RMAN by Ken Kaskadden (Boeing)
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October 2004 Presentations
Speaker: Tom Kyte
Description The Tools I use, Top 5 Things Done Wrong, & Read and Write Consistency
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August 2004 Presentations
Topic: If memory serves you correctly…
Speaker: Richmond Shee
This session will familiarize you with the Oracle9i sort behavior both in manual and automatic PGA modes. You will learn that there are only two “valid” sort_area_size values for any given sort and the formula to calculate them. You will learn to monitor sorts performance in 8i and 9i instances using 10032 and 10033 events, Oracle Wait Interface, and X$QESMMIWT view.

        DBAs from across the nation and the world are jumping on the Oracle Wait Interface (OWI) bandwagon. This is not surprising as DBAs realize they can easily find the biggest bottleneck that plaques a process and determine the root cause. Tuning is no longer a witchcraft practiced by an elite group of individuals, who allegedly use varied sources of voodoo to cure the performance in Oracle databases.

June 2004 Presentations
Topic: Surviving in a Heterogeneous Databasae Environment
Speaker: Qwest
Understanding of main differences in the 3 major database platforms

        Identify key terminology, storage and administrative differences
        Strategies for managing databases from different vendors

April 2004 Presentations
Topics: “Uncommon Leaders”
Oracle 10g — Driving the Future of the Industry
Oracle 9i Tuning; Statspack Tuning and More…
Speaker: Rich Niemiec
TUSC – The Oracle Experts

The first presentation focuses on some of the traits that can help elevate you to the next level.

The second presentation looks at the future architecture of Oracle Database 10g as it relates to the future of the Oracle Database.

Rich Niemiec is the chief executive officer. He previously served as president of the International Oracle Users Group and currently holds that responsibility for the Midwest Oracle Users Group. He’s respected around the world as a master in database administration and often consults with members of the media on technological trends and the impact they’ll have on the industry at large. In fact, he was named by Oracle Corp. as an Oracle Certified Master — one of only a handful so recognized around the world — in 2001. Rich Niemiec instills the “Traits of the TUSC Leader” — enthusiasm, initiative, integrity, knowledge, loyalty, moral and physical courage, respect, self-control, tact and unselfishness. His experience in data processing ranges from teaching to consulting, with emphasis in database administration, performance tuning, project management and technical education.

February 2004 Presentations
Topic: Automatic Storage Management (ASM) in 10g.
Speaker: Kurt Vogel
Oracle Corporation

This presentation covers Automatic Storage Management for Oracle 10g. The Presentation Covers a variety of topics associated with ASM.

Kurt Vogel has been in the IT industry for the past 22 years. Starting in application development, Database Management and now Sales Consulting at Oracle Corporation. As a Sales Consult at Oracle, Kurt has been working with Oracle Enterprise Manager since it’s first release 7 years ago.

December 2003 Presentations
Topic: FAQs: A Smörgasbord of Common Questions and Problems Received by World Wide Support-And How to Resolve Them
Speaker: David Austin
Oracle Corporation

The presentation covers a variety of topics that, based on statistics compiled by World Wide Support, cause problems for many database administrators. A best practice or working solution is provided for each problem, in some cases, some of which may be release dependent. The topics are not offered in any particular order and the audience is encouraged to select from available topics and to add their own contributions to the discussion of the problems and possible solutions.

David Austin has been involved with Oracle databases since release 4. He worked as a DBA with releases 4, 5, and 6. David joined Oracle Corporation eleven years ago where he has been involved in database training for releases 6 through 10. He has delivered training sessions at IOUG, EOUG, Oracle World, and is a popular and frequent speaker at the Los Angeles OUG. David is the author or co-author of four books on Oracle (all out of print, so he will not be trying to sell them to you).

June 2003 Presentations
Topic: Web Services in Oracle9i
Speakers: Stuart A. Winslow

Web services using XML standards is a new paradigm in the way integration collaborations are modeled. XML web services provide a standardized way to transfer data between business partners and business systems. This presentation introduces the concepts related to web services including SOAP, UDDI, WSDL, and ebXML and then delves into some practical applications of web services.

Stuart is a consultant working CIBER on various software development projects. He has recently been working with Monsanto using XML and Web Services to integrate systems with an Oracle Database.

Topic: RAC and TAF
Speaker: Ron Yount
Enterprise Rent-a-car

A considerable amount of information as well as demonstrations of RAC databases functionality is readily available today. While this is good information for any DBA considering High Availability solutions, a key component; TAF is often not covered with any level of detail. This presentation will focus on the impact, configuration options and timing involved in switching your user connections from a failed instance to a surviving one. While the DBA is commonly concerned about keeping the database up and available, the user (application) measures success by sustaining an active connection. This is where TAF comes into play. An understanding of TAF options can help you to understand how to meet the business and application requirements in a HA architecture.

Ron has been working as the Lead DBA at Enterprise Rent-A-Car in St. Louis for the past 3 and a half years. One of the primary projects he has worked on during that time involves OPS/RAC and High Availability for a 24×7 application. Prior to that, Ron had about 12 years of IT experience ranging from Oracle consulting to IT management and IT training at Community Colleges.

February 2003 Presentations
Topic: Oracle RDBMS on Linux
Speakers: Jim Hawkins and Tom Boden
Database Administrators

Pharmacia Corporation

Jim Hawkins and Tom Boden, Database Administrators with Pharmacia Corporation in St. Louis, have been testing the viability of the Oracle RDBMS on Linux over the past several months. The goal is to determine whether or not Linux should be added as a strategic platform to the current list of platforms supported by their organization. Performance, supportability, cost, reliability, and overall experience were all considered. Jim and Tom will discuss their findings and recommendations.

Topic: Oracle’s Enterprise Manager
Speaker: Kurt Vogel
Oracle Corporation

Oracle’s Enterprise Manager – OEM is an intuitive graphical interface, providing a central framework for managing all aspects of the Oracle environment, from schema and storage attributes, to users, instances, replication and more. We will review the OEM architecture along with demonstrations of the base features plus Oracles Tuning Pack, Diagnostics Pack and Change Management Pack.

Kurt Vogel has been in the IT industry for the past 22 years. Starting in application development, Database Management and now Sales Consulting at Oracle Corporation. As a Sales Consult at Oracle, Kurt has been working with Oracle Enterprise Manager since it’s first release 7 years ago.

December 2002 Presentations
Topic: RMAN: Your New Best Friend for Backup and Recovery
Speaker: Ruth Gramolini
Oracle DBA

Vermont Department of Taxes

Ruth has been an Oracle DBA for 4.5 years with the State of Vermont Department of Taxes. She had been system manger and DBA for an HP3000 system running the proprietary Image Database for 14+ years before that.

Topics of Discussion
Top 10 reasons to love RMAN.

· The golden rule of backup and recovery

· Is it worth learning RMAN?

· Is the learning curve too steep?

· Should I use a recovery catalog?

· Why I use RMAN?

Topic: Managing Large Numbers of Databases
Speaker: Matthew Adams
General Electric

Matthew Adams has been working with Oracle since the late ‘80s, when he started as a Form 2.3 and Pro*C developer using Oracle 6.0. He has been working as a DBA for the past 10 years and has spent time as a consultant or employee at a wide variety of companies.

He was the DBA Track Manager for the Oracle OpenWorld 2000 conference and is one of the two Focus Area Managers for Database Administration for the IOUG-A Live 2003 conference.

He currently works as a DBA for General Electric in the Consumer Products division, where he and the rest of the team manage roughly 330 instances of Oracle.

Over the years, entire volumes have been written on how to deal with very large databases. Relatively little has been written on how to deal with an environment with tens or hundreds of databases.

The purpose of this presentation is to describe how the author approached dealing with such an environment, in the hope that the reader will find some useful information in dealing with their own such environment.

Note that this presentation will concentrate on databases set up in a Unix environment.

Topic: Oracle 9i RAC
Speaker: Todd Blatti

Todd Blatti has seventeen years of I/T industry experience including the last nine at Oracle Corporation. His prior experience includes various

Database Specialist positions for IBM and other Fortune 500 companies. Todd is currently an Oracle Principal Sales Consultant with expertise in the

deployment of Oracle9i-based applications, including High Availability, Portal, and Business Intelligence systems.

October 2002 Presentations
Topic: Log Miner and Data Guard
Speaker: Joseph S. Testa
Technology Manager / Consultant

DMC – Data Management Consulting, LLC

Joe is an Oracle Certified Professional [Oracle 9i, 8i, and 8 DBA] that is recognized and internationally sought as an expert and presenter on topics and issues related to the use of Oracle products. He has presented at the International Oracle Users Group (IOUG-A) conference every year since 1999. In addition, Joe recently performed a technical edit and review for an Oracle 9i DBA 101 book by Oracle Press that will be released in fall 2002. Also, Joe served as President to the Ohio Oracle Users Group in 2000 and Vice-President in 1999.

Topic: “Your Roadmap to Successful Oracle Implementation”
Speaker: Mary Ellen Smith
Account Manager

International Oracle User Group – Americas

Mary Ellen Smith has been the Account Manager for the International Oracle Users Group for the past two years, managing the day to day activities of the organization. Prior to coming to the IOUG, Mary Ellen spent five years with the Tax Technology Group of Price Waterhouse LLP, and four years as a financial consultant with Financial Trading Advisors Corporation.

Topic: User Group Membership
Speaker: Mike Schmidt
Tyco Healthcare

August 2002 Presentations
Topic: Oracle Recovery Case Study
Speaker: Jim Hawkins



Jim discussed the details involving a lengthy outage of a very large, extremely transactional SAP R/3 system (4.0B) running on EMC Symmetrix and AIX 4.3. This Oracle database processed close to 220,000 transactions per day, was used globally around the clock, and approached 350GB in size. Topics ranged from general lessons learned to “fuzzy SCN’s” to disaster recovery planning.

Topic: Oracle 9i Application Server and Java J2EE
Speaker: Stuart A. Winslow

Stuart discussed the Oracle 9i Application Server and Java J2EE architecture.

June 2002 Presentation
Topic: Working with Oracle Support
Speaker: Chris Craft
Oracle Corporation

Topic: Accelerating Database and Data Warehouse Performance
Speaker: David Friedland

April 2002 Presentation
Topic: The Ideal Database Environment
Speaker: David Harrier

David facilitated a discussion on creating an ideal database environment including tools and best practices.

February 2002 Presentation
Topic: Oracle 9i and Oracle 9iAS
Speaker: Vytas Suopys
Oracle Corporation

December 2001 Presentation
Topic: Monitoring Your Database in a Wireless World
Speaker: Derek Ferguson
Expand Beyond, formerly PocketDBA

October 2001 Presentations
Topic: Oracle’s Large Objects
Speaker: Lisa Renheimer
Topic: Oracle’s Large Objects
Speaker: James Stange
Topic: Experience With V$SQLAREA
Speaker: Bill Hoehne
Topic: SQL – Under the Covers
Speaker: Larry Emke
Topic: Oracle 9i DB Update
Speaker: Tara Wallace
August 2001 Presentation
Topic: Oracle Performance Management – A Radical Approach
Speaker: Gaja Krishna
Vaidyanatha. Gaja is the author of the book “Oracle Performance Tuning 101”. Gaja is also one of the premier Oracle speakers and is consistently a top draw at OpenWorld and IOUG-A Live!

June 2001 Presentation
Topic: Oracle Standard Infrastructure, Continuing the War on Complexity
Speaker: Jack Wheeler
Sr. Area Director Oracle Appliance Division

Topic: Oracle Database Security
Speaker: Internet Security Systems
April 2001 Presentation
Topic: Oracle Disaster Recovery Procedures
Speaker: Rama Velpuri
Rama is the author of the “Oracle Backup and Recovery Handbooks” from Oracle Press.

Topic: Supporting Developers in an Oracle Environment
Speaker: Stuart A. Winslow
February 2001 Presentation
Topic: Share Your Experience
Speakers: Group Members
John Young – Session Waits

Mike Schmidt – Monitoring TEMP space with Perl

Rich Gritton – Locally Managed Tablespaces

Matt Heimrich – Oracle 7.3.4 Migration/Upgrade to Oracle 8i on NT

December 2000 Presentation
Topic: Implementing RAID on Oracle Systems
Speaker: Gaja Krishna Vaidyanatha,
Director, Storage Management Products

Quest Software Inc.

Author – Oracle Tuning 101 by Osborne McGraw-Hill

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October 2000 Presentation
Topic: What do you mean I’m the DBA?
Speaker: Bill Burke
Director User Group Relations

International Oracle Users Group – Americas

August 2000 Presentation
Topic: High Availability and Database Replication
Speaker: Zulfikar Jeevanjee
Senior Oracle DBA


Topic: A PL/SQL Developers Guide to Oracle 8i
Speaker: Mark Koors
Oracle DBA